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Spurs and England Striker Loan deal?

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After just seeing us drop another two points at home with our seventh home draw of the season, we urgently need to address our goal-scoring drought. Its ok dominating position but if there is no end result what is the point? Yes it stops the other team scoring, but if you take those seven game and turn them in to four defeats and three wins we would have two more points than we would have now, turn five of those draws to wins and we would be on 44 pts sitting in a Champions League position.

The solution in my opinion:

We have been linked with numerous strikers from around the world, but what we need is a proven goal scorer in the premiership. Step forward Jermain Defoe; not playing at Spurs and according to all reports is not only disgruntled, but also worried about making England’s European Championship squad (draw similarities between Owen leaving Madrid to go to Newcastle).

Two options: We could offer Defoe and Tottenham a loan move until the end of the season, Tottenham get rid of a disgruntled player out of the dressing room, we get a proven goal scorer until the end of the season. We could write in to the contract we get first option should the move work out. I am not sure how long Defoe has left on his contract but I am sure he wouldn’t cost a fortune and with his record we could always sell again in the future.

I am all for bring the reserves through into the first team, but at the moment needs must and we need someone who can hit the net and ground running and to me Defoe offers both.

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