Kenny instills boot room philosophy

Kenny Dalglish has distanced himself from idle speculation on who he is and isn’t going to buy this coming transfer window. Speaking at a press conference yesterday Kenny stated, “We have the option to add if we want to, but we also have another option that we don't have to,"

In keeping with his great philosophy and tradition of the Liverpool boot room, Dalglish continued, "we don't speculate on anybody - either our own players or somebody else's players. "It doesn't matter what we say, there is going to be speculation in the newspapers - but we won't be here to answer every question that's in newspapers”. "We'll do our business the way we've been brought up to do our business, and that's privately behind closed doors."

Not a day goes by without Liverpool FC being linked to yet another striker from the top leagues in the world. With a solid defence in place, the back four is picking its self each week, it’s up front where Liverpool have been struggling.

The team from front-to-back has created 146 goal-scoring chances in open play and has taken 18 of them. 45 of those chance being created by two players. No surprise Luis Suarez is one of them, the other being the much-maligned Stuart Downing who has created 20 of those chances.

In my opinion, I can see Kenny bringing in another striker, not really that hard to predict, what is hard to predict is who it will be. Do we keep with the philosophy of buying young and if possible British talent, or do we buy a ready made striker, giving our younger strikers like Carroll, Suso and Sterling more time to nurture?

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