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Gone but never forgotten

Justice for the 96 fans, who just went to see a football match and never come home. We want to know why, and after 23 years we are still waiting for an answer

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When the Ball hits the net


Early 1990s, it would’ve been, when Bill went to Melwood to interview Don Hutchison and came back raving about Robbie Fowler. Like me, Bill wrote for the football magazine 90 Minutes, and Don Hutch had just broken into Liverpool’s first team. Interview in the bag, Bill was about to head home when he saw an unfamiliar young figure in training kit do something astonishing.
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The forgotten Semi Final Vs Mönchengladbach


The Forgotten Semi Final


It’s 34 years since Liverpool beat Borussia Mönchengladbach to reach their second successive European Cup final – but who’s ever seen the second-leg goals since? By The Liverpolitan read more

The forgotten Semi Final Vs Mönchengladbach


The Hillsborough Tapestry


Hillsborough remained in the headlines throughout 2011, not least because of the online petition that triggered calls for the full release of documents for debate, and lately more lame remarks by insufferable former tabloid editors. read more

Hillsborough Tapestry


New Stadium Debate


It seems Fenway Sports Group (FSG) have made a decision on the proposed new stadium. They have decided to go ahead with the pre Hicks and Gillett stadium plans once they have secured the finance to start construction. read more


Liverpool new stadium,, liverpool stadium move


Blast From The Past


Not that he’s remotely relevant anymore, but still this old footage of Michael Owen at France 98 took me back, unearthed while going through some old Liverpool FC-related VHS tapes heading for the wheelie bin. read more


Michael Owen Goal Vs Argentina, World Cup, Liverpool fc, England





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