Torres to sign for Liverpool?

Rumours doing the rounds at the moment as we head towards the January transfer window is the return of the prodigal son from Chelsea to Liverpool. Don’t get me wrong, I always thought Torres looked shite in a blue shirt and would welcome him back and he got on well with Kenny.

But there were rumours of splits in the dressing room, you only have to look at the footage from the Derby game, when Carragher shouts at Torres and Fernando puts his fingers on his lips to shut him up, to realise the lack of harmony in the dressing room.

The sudden Twitter explosion about his possible return to Liverpool doesn’t really make much sense. A rumour Chelsea were willing to sell for £30million less than they paid for him and our need for someone to take the many chances we’re creating, suddenly one plus one, equals £20 million bid in January.

Fernando still gets himself into great goal scoring positions, but his confidence is shot to pieces. Add to that Chelsea not playing to his strengths and you can see why Torres is suffering.

Put him in our attach with, Bellamy and Suarez just behind and Gerrard/Adam and Henderson/Lucas just behind and we start looking not just like a top four team, but a team that could challenge and score goals.

Would I want him back? Of course. Yes we give him dogs abuse when we go down to Chelsea, but that’s only because we know how good he was/is. We loved him, there was a connection from the first time we all saw the photo of his Athletico Madrid’s Captains armband with the letters YNWA scribed inside.

His heart was always with us, no other fans apart from the Athlete fans love him like we did/do. Will I think he will come back to Liverpool? No, not now, not ever, but its always good to dream about what damage him and Luis could have inflicted on other premier league defences.

Photo Nigel Wilson


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