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What's Happened To Our Fan Base?

Booing the players, Booing the manager, what has become of our once great fan base, do they undestand what Support means?

Liverpool fc, liverpool fans, LFC, YNWA, The KopWe sing a song called “You’ll Never Walk Alone” but you wonder if some fans at our club actually know and understand the words, they probably just mime them, you know when you see footage from Glastonbury and the camera pans to the front of the crowd listening to some unknown band and you see the girls on the shoulders of their partners pretending they know all the words to the song, when they clearly haven’t got a clue trying to look cool, but actually making fools of themselves.

Our club used to pride its self on having fans that no matter how bad things were would sing and back the team to the very end, to the last kick of the ball, until the referee blew the whistle to end the game, we would sing through the wind, the rain, the storm, because we knew at the end of the storm “There’s a golden sky, and the sweet silver song of the lark”

But it seems we have now attracted fans, that boo at half time, shout for the manager to be sacked, boo players as they warm up (Yes I actually see that happen in front of me where I sit in the Paddock, someone having a go at Lucas, telling him his not good enough). And every week we have a guy (See pix below) who shouts and has a go at players shouting how useless and rubbish they are. He used to have a go at Lucas (how many of those were there, who have had to eat their words), now its Downing and Henderson, He even had a go at Jon Flanagan the other day, an 18 year old player, just starting his professional career and he has some fat twat, who going by some of the things he shouts out, hasn’t played football since he was 5 years old, let along at a semi-pro level/pro level, having a go at him as his learning his trade.

On those rare occasions when we have scored at home, does he cheer, jump up and down with his friends or god forbid actually stand up and sing, no not a chance, his just one of those supporters who come to the ground and moan and have a go at players, fans the club could do without but are becoming ever more vociferous.

Its sad to see, that our fans are now becoming the same type of fans that follow the Chavs, the mancs and those Arsenal supporters who were ringing up radio stations to get their greatest ever manager the sack, because they started the season slowly.

Is it the society that we now live in, is it the fault of Sky TV and its millions. We are a 20 goal a season player away from being a Top four team challenging for the title. We have made two cup finals and at the time of writing won one, most teams would love to be in that position. Yes we are Liverpool we should be challenging for the title, but it doesn’t happen over night, Kenny was came in 18 months ago, it’s a work in progress.

I would have given Rafa another season, what’s that saying “You don’t know what you’ve got, until its gone” One season out of the Top four and he was sacked, now we have been out of the Top four for the last three years, beware of what you call for when sacking someone. Give Kenny time and back the club and we will get there, keep sacking managers for someone else’s five year plan and we will just be another club bobbing around the top half of the league going nowhere and all those that were pointing at Tottenham, well, they haven’t won anything in years, spent one year in the Champions League and now going through a collapse, that even Devon Loch would bulk at.

Support the club, you’re meant to be supporters, understand the word and what it means. Yes of course discuss and debate with your mates and if you have to be negative do it in the pub, not at the ground.

Support the players, ALL players that pull on a red shirt play for OUR club and while they wear that shirt they deserve our SUPPORT, if you feel you can’t do that, why not FUCK OFF across the park, you’ll fit right in there.

Liverpool fc, liverpool fans, LFC, YNWA

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