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An open letter to FSG. If not now, why not? And when is the right time?

A door has been slightly opened but will Brendan Rodgers and more importantly Fenway Sports Group grasp the nettle and kick it wide open?

Liverpool fc, liverpool fans, LFC, YNWA, Jonjo Shelvey There comes a time when all dynasties come to an end and the retirement of the purple nosed drunk down the East Lancs could see the end of the evil empire. We were there once when we dominated English football in the 70s & 80s. One wrong appointment coinciding with the advent of the Premier league with the riches it bestowed and we were trampled over like a couple of grannies at the Christmas sales.

David Moyes has done an incredible job across the park on a very limited budget, but when it comes to European football and the expectations that are going to come his way, I am not sure he yet has that in him to cope.

Add to the mix Man City shooting themselves in the foot by sacking Mancini and bring in a manager that has no premiership experience in the shape of Manuel Pellegrini and we could see several of this years top four teams struggling in the league next season.

Lets put things into prospective, all this talk about Moyes inheriting a great squad of players that have just won the league, is basically shite. The premiership has been woeful this year and United happened to be the best of a bad bunch.

How many players from their squad would you take? Without a doubt Robin Van Persie and for all his lackluster performances this year you would have to say Rooney, throw in Vidic (who has spent most of the season injured) and maybe Nani at a push. Carrick, Young you could make cases for to enhance a squad but they are far from being Scholes, Giggs or Keane in their pomp.

You know Chelsea will be stronger, especially if they bring in Falcao and City are going to improve again with the budget they have, but as stated earlier the unknown element there is Pellegrini. For me all four Champions League places are up for grabs. Tottenham and Arsenal will make a claim, but like us they are still developing.

That brings me to Brendan Rodgers and Fenway Sports Group, if ever there was a time to take the bull by the horns and make a massive play for the Champions League this is the time. We all know what happened when we came 2nd to United under Rafa, with a points total that would have won the title any other year. We needed investment to kick on but we had a pair of clowns in charge and the rest is history.

When Rafa put forward names like David Villa, David Silva and Jaun Mata he was knocked back, we now watch those players light up the Premiership for teams that backed their manager.

If Fenway Sports want to win titles and become a regular fixture in the Champions league, there is going to be no better time, the ball is in your court. You are custodians of our club and stand at the précipice of taking Liverpool back to where trophies used to turn up more times than a drunken Scot at Howard Webbs door. We all wait to see if you kick the door open, or wait for it to shut, getting your fingers caught as the door shuts is not an option.

Liverpool fc, liverpool fans, LFC, YNWA, Jonjo Shelvey

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